Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm not actually sure if we're on break of when I'm supposed to be back and I can't tell which one I am less concerned about; I'm three stories up and surrounded by some of the best (and admittingly worst) literature and the sound of ticking keyboards on campus. Everytime I'm here I'm reminded of the city library and museum literally a block from my house and I have this overwhelming urge to spend hours in both. And sadly, I've yet to do either.

The sky is gray and in turn the world seems to be a little more mundane. Cars are a little darker, the air is a little more cool, the breeze is slightly stronger, and the clouds are a little more harsh. I like mundane, I like harsh. I love stretching my legs when everything seems almost still. I sweat less, my lungs fill more, and my brain unwinds. Look at me, all Meredith "dark and twisty".

"Humans were made to run" -Alberto Salazar's Guide to Running.

Speaking of, yesterday I walked in th hosue and unzipped my boots after a long twenty four hours of no sleep and a sad, sad excuse for a meal. I couldn't tell what was more heavy; my eyes or my (textbook filled) backpack. But I didn't want to wait for a fight and I certainly wasn't in the mood to entertain an ego so I slipped out of my jumpsuit and into my asics, leashed the wild animal and started out for a run. One small lake, weaving through the entire historic residential area, and one very very large lake later, we were home; he almost dragging his tongue between his paws and me with sweat accumilating in my shirt and feeling a little more lighter and a lot more relaxed. I enjoy moments like that the most; I get to step out of my life and away from the responsibility and headache of all the people, stress, and self-induced anxiety.

Our cute and innocent bunny was compared to a raptor this morning testing the containment fencing in Jurassic Park. But this time it's not my fault because technically, I didn't pick him. I just picked what I wanted him to look like. The queen diva/prettiest-girl-in-the-pagent gelding, tail-less gecko, and daddy issue dog; those were my bad.

eh, I should probably head back to class.

I have this thing for as he calls it, "twine jewelry". I prefer to call it "natural" rather than hippie because a. I hate hippies and b. I shower regularly and c. I don't do drugs. It's plain but personal and  it's rugged rather than pretenious.
And most of all, it's cheap.

Twine jewelry, old books, grocery shopping, hot tea, cookies, "distressed" wood furniture, running, outdoors, keeping the cap ON the shaving cream can in the shower, sunflowers, and really really great cupcakes. Those are some of my things.

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