Monday, June 27, 2011

a garbage soup of updates.

I'm going try my hand at updating via my fancy new phone (although its complex and "convienent" features leave me more frustrated than impressed)

our student just asked me for the number to the court house. classy.
although im not all that surprised.

Im doing well on this whole gluten free diet snf I've noticed a lot of positive changes with my body. Except I miss oreos. My booty apparently misses them so much that its starting to drop off to go search for it, ha.

Our daily afternoon gale-hurricane weather is already looming and I want to plead with my zone to do as I want to do and curl up with a good book (I just had To Be a Runner arrive via mail the other day), make some delicous hot tea and let the storm have its way with the outside world.
...except I think most of my zone is illiterate and bored so I see none of this happening.

I'm in desperate need of change. Actually, before i dam myself with that, let me clarify- I'm in need of good change. Because for the past year I've been in a lull of no sleep, high stress from every angle (personal, health, family, relationship, work, and school), and a constant string of bad luck. Enough that I've adopted Meredith's saying from Grey's Anatomy (insert total fan girl moment because I'm slightly inlove with this show), "Seriously?... s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y?" into my everyday lingo.

Apparently the one thing I never wanted I now want and it's the one thing everyone else around me seems to be getting. I mean seriously? (See, there I go again). Oy. I've come to the conclusion I'll be hanging out in limbo forever. Although I do slightly (alright, a little more than slightly) get a shallow satisfaction from the constant bonbardment of harrassment and everything short of physically putting a gun to his head my parents are doing. It's humorous. Although he probably doesn't see it that way.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

long time no useless update, blog.

I'm in the library again with one of our eight final-final exams down (only program I know that makes you take EIGHT final exams for one class. That's a final exam every class, folks). Oy.

I was up until well after three am studying, mostly a chapter that apparently wasn't on this exam. And isn't on an exam until after my birthday. Go figure.

We hit a rock the other day, but I think in a way it was good because it's a rock that we needed to hit (and patch up) before we really settled down (hello sparkly thing, meet my finger). But we both came to an understanding and we're definitely better for it (hopefully). As much as we both hate to admit it because lets be honest, I think it was our hell-bent independence that made us like each other in the first place, we've grown to need each other (in a good way). But I guess if it's all put in perspective it really was just an argument, which we don't have nearly enough of compared to other couples. And despite being an introvert at it's best (well, and worst at some times) we need each other. At least, I kind of need him, a lot. He's my guy. I'm his girl. (Is that enough cute to make you want to throw up yet?)

I pretty much have this program wrapped up. It's all planned out now and as long as the world doesn't end in the next month and a half, I'll have this behind me, these polo's burned and onto bigger and better things. Thank you sweet, baby jesus.

I ran twice yesterday. I did a long one which was pretty pitiful and I'm going to blame that on the timing (11am in forida heat, I know, I'm an idiot) and the fact I was sick, a wreck the day prior (thank you Celiac's) and not my muscles atrophying. Which, judging by my nine forty-five pm run, that's not the case. Even though the second one was only two laps around the southern lake and one around the northen one, I was having to pep-talk my bouncy, dopey, long legged, mastiff mix to keep up (this is quite the accomplishment, I assure you).

I'll finish this with a little gloating; I made the most delicious pizza's ever (and they're gluten-free).
on the (gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free-and despite all of this still delicious) pizza crust I added approx 1 1/2 tbsp of tomato pesto, a layer of shaved (fresh) tomato, layer of (fresh) spinach, fat-free mozzarella, diced (freshish- they were creeping to that questionably good point) baby-bella mushrooms, and a mixture of frozen veggies that had something like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, corn, peas, lima beans (?), and whatever else is in those cheap frozen bags. Add some garlic powder and bake at 375 degrees for fifteen minutes and BAM! Hello deliciousness.
Not to mention low fat, low calorie (under 350 calories for one very filling personal pizza), vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, and nut free.

Anyway, I'm going to amble myself back down to the pit of hell until four thirty (insert screams).