Monday, June 27, 2011

a garbage soup of updates.

I'm going try my hand at updating via my fancy new phone (although its complex and "convienent" features leave me more frustrated than impressed)

our student just asked me for the number to the court house. classy.
although im not all that surprised.

Im doing well on this whole gluten free diet snf I've noticed a lot of positive changes with my body. Except I miss oreos. My booty apparently misses them so much that its starting to drop off to go search for it, ha.

Our daily afternoon gale-hurricane weather is already looming and I want to plead with my zone to do as I want to do and curl up with a good book (I just had To Be a Runner arrive via mail the other day), make some delicous hot tea and let the storm have its way with the outside world.
...except I think most of my zone is illiterate and bored so I see none of this happening.

I'm in desperate need of change. Actually, before i dam myself with that, let me clarify- I'm in need of good change. Because for the past year I've been in a lull of no sleep, high stress from every angle (personal, health, family, relationship, work, and school), and a constant string of bad luck. Enough that I've adopted Meredith's saying from Grey's Anatomy (insert total fan girl moment because I'm slightly inlove with this show), "Seriously?... s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y?" into my everyday lingo.

Apparently the one thing I never wanted I now want and it's the one thing everyone else around me seems to be getting. I mean seriously? (See, there I go again). Oy. I've come to the conclusion I'll be hanging out in limbo forever. Although I do slightly (alright, a little more than slightly) get a shallow satisfaction from the constant bonbardment of harrassment and everything short of physically putting a gun to his head my parents are doing. It's humorous. Although he probably doesn't see it that way.

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