Thursday, October 13, 2011

long time no um, ramble.

Alright, so I've been about as consistent with this thing as I have been with rationing my panera trips. Which is a complete failure. I still go there at least twice a week, if not, and usually more. (Hey it's a great place to study and they don't mind if I just buy one cup of hot tea and refill it ahundred times over the next six hours I spend occupying my favorite seat in the house. Well, technically two because it takes two tables to successfully house my textbooks, notebooks, laptop, and pen in every color).

So here's some tid-bits from my life recently:

 I went wedding dress shopping. Origionally I wasn't going to have any wedding updates here since this was kind of my thing and I made an entirely diferent blog for that but considering I haven't done any wedding planning (besides booking a venue -yuuuuus) and dress shopping IS all about me, I'll do it here (and possibly there).
I went on this diet three weeks out from my appointment date because I wanted to lose all the weight I gained in paramedic school, then the weight I gained from being out of paramedic school and celebrating being out, and then the weight I gained from moving into our new place with our ridiculously large kitchen, and my insatiable love and need of cooking.

I did great and a week out I had lost all the weight (and then some) I had planned on. I was feeling great, I was looking great, I was great.
And then I got sick. Not just kind of sick, pathetic, snot bubble blowing, spiking 103 fevers every night, kind of sick. Trust me, it was a lot cuter than it sounds (and I snored even LOUDER. Sorry, Alex). So sick infact that I shoved the logic out of my head and let my stupid pride ride shot gun; I went on a six mile run. Ended up in a whimpering ball in the shower and I swear I could feel my pulse on the back of my eye balls.
I couldn't even sleep. Why? I kept waking up to cramps and having to pee.
Thank you mother nature and crappy kidneys, I was being double teamed by my two sets of twins.

So, what do I do with my hormonal, snotty, scolding hot (in a bad way) self?
Bake. Good thing my mom bought me so much gluten free flour huh?
White chocolate chip cookies, pear cobbler, ooey-gooey cake/ginger snap/white chocolate/marshmellow bars, casseroles, and about three bags of Brach's candy corn pumpkins.

Luckily and unluckily I live about 4 blocks from a very large, open late walgreens. So, every night I jogged up there at a pitifully slow pace as my ill body whined and protested, for a redbox movie and chocolate or (sometimes and) candy corn pumpkins. Both were on sale all week.

Needless to say, I not only gained  the weight back, I think I gained more. And then I thought I gained more ontop of that because of that lovely hormonal roller coaster mother nature likes to give us like throwing salt in the wound. No, bleeding and cramps aren't enough. Let's make you want to avoid every reflective surfact like the plague too.

-Alright, I just got back from a call so I completely lost my train of thought.

OH, that reminds me. Apparently with this fancy patch comes the blackest of black clouds.
Seriously, on my first day I did a procedure most paramedic's will retire without ever doing.
Second out at that.

Although it made it a save.
I guess the praying to sweet baby jesus and all the f-bombs worked. Or I actually know what I'm doing.
All the senior medics hugged me and high fived me.
And offered to buy me a drink Ha.

annnnddd coffee does not make a headache better.
Neither does reading a biology textbook at almost 1am with a smudge on your glasses.

Did I mention I almost died last week?
I locked myself in my art studio and called him crying that I lost the house and had to retreat and our dog is the most fail predator to ever live. Seriously.