Friday, March 18, 2011

I had another cancellation this morning.

I left, grabbed my cell phone, put on my running shoes and started running.

And then there they were; wet, cute, and bee-boppin' right over to me. Sans owners. What, do I have "sucker" written on my forehead  when it comes to strays? I couldn't ignore them and I certainly couldn't let them keep roaming around unsupervised. Especially with traffic so close and faces that cute.
I'm disappointed in microchips and rabies tags because neither helped me find the owner.

Luckily this older lesbian couple stopped and asked if I needed help. They ended up bringing their truck over and the two rather large dogs piled in my lap for the short ride home.

They loved the car ride and apparently were quite partial to me, but not so much my veggie burger. We went to my vet with no avail and finally, I made contact with the owner. He was an older, sweet man with a mustache who was thankful his boys were alright. He offered me money and I tried to say no but then his eyes whelled up and he kept saying please and pushing the money at me. He said it wasn't much with these  with big sad eyes.

Today was really bad until they bee-bopped their way into my life. Then suddenly I realized, it's going to work out. Eventually. It'll be tough but it'll be alright. Take a breath.

I ran a lot today. I went back to the lake and ran it again. I people watched, analyzing passer-bys posture and running shoes. I'm a running snob.

Then I leashed up tank and we went winding through the historic neighborhoods, snapping camera phone pictures of houses for rent or sale. We weaved without any sort of reason and the sun peeked through the trees and inbetween the houses.

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