Sunday, November 8, 2009

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh lord. And I've been waiting for this moment all my life, oh lord.

"Through the curtains of rain, I spied another runner, head down, footfalls splashing. I was not alone. Both of us on our own, drenched, chasing things that perhaps can never be caught. No longer am I running from my demons, but running to look them in the eye." By Caleb Daniloff

I'm a nineteen year old runner but if you ask everyone else I'm more like a thirty-something year old with a sarcastic bite. People say I have my head screwed on straight and I'd like to think I do too, well, most of the time. I've got my daddy's temper and the mouth of a sailor. I'm uninhibited because I'm a firm believer in being who you really are instead of what society expects you to be. I push the envelope and I thrive in controversy.

I always get asked why I run so much and I usually just mutter through a response that they never really get; basically, I run for my physical, emotional, and mental health (and I'll just leave it at that). Well that and I have almost a 34" inseem, are you kidding me? I was born to run. "Running is my private time, my therapy, my religion." Gail W. Kislevitz

I've been an obsessive journal writer since I hit that angsty, awkward tween age. I have volumes of my life in ink and every juicy, humiliating, and down-right hormonal life changing (this is subject to interpretaion)incident that happened. Some were burned, others were ripped up, and the rest live in my night stand. What's left are chapters in my life I couldn't bring myself to destroy in some ludacris way...or I just never got around to. (Here's to hoping this will last longer than my relationships)

If you're looking for some sappy "The Notebook" bullshit I suggest you scroll your happy ass over to Women's Entertainment or Oxygen's (channel 44) website because you wont find it here.

I've always had a bit of a complex when it came to figuring out who I really am. I think I'll still be trying to figure me out on my death bed. So Mr/Ms high-and-mighty, goodluck and god speed.

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