Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Your baby needs someone to beleive in, and a whole lot of space to breathe in

I've been doing pretty well nutritionally wise for the past few days. Well, besides all the pizza and beer last night (that was a big ball of delicious fail). I'm sipping on hot tea and snacking on a sliced banana with rasin bran and cool whip.

I had a quick run today. I was feeling anxious and needed to let my thoughts bound through the sky and work out some kinks. Oh, and I knocked out a few hundred sit ups while I was at it.

I bought my Gary Fisher mountain bike this evening between classes. I don't want children; I want bikes. I want my own garage with them hanging from the beams, my own tool chest, a table, and dusty medals and numbers pinned to the walls.

I'm changing. I'm making an effort to lose the extra five pounds that have taken residence on my ass, I'm taking a good look at who I am and where I need to be, and I'm fighting my inner demon's.

Here's to hoping it's all for the better.

I'm lacing up and heading out to pound some asphault. I need to clear my head.

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