Monday, May 2, 2011


It's one am and officially tuesday which means two things:
     First of all, I have my two-hundred most missed questions exam that's worth an astonishing amount of my overall grade (if you're starting to question his teaching now you're about how long it takes to contrive and hatch a human too late) and my oral final with the medical director

    Second of all, I'm a day closer to Thursday which is the start of my two-whole days off. That's forty-eight hours off with the mister at a hotel; pool-side, under the covers, fire-works, and wherever else we decide to wander. Or not wander. I'm absolutely content with avoiding society and all the scholars that will be celebrating cinco de mayo or reminiscing on a time they used to before they hatched their own pivotal moments that changed their lives for the "better"- snotty noses, pattering feet, addicting smiles, never-ending money pits, and the rest of their glory.

Please Cinco De Mayo and the day after, be good to me.

Much love,
the runner girl.

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