Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today I realized:

I thought more about the mysterious culprit (pictured above) I killed this evening than the code I worked this morning. I wrapped him in a towel, paused, and quietly whispered I'm sorry before I squished him. (The caterpillar). Just a lonely caterpillar trying to make it in this big world.

I'm sorry Mr. Caterpillar but you can't go messing with a girls tomatoes.

I spent over twenty agonizing minutes trying on backpacks; unzipping and re adjusting, examining pocket space and analyzing if it matched my personality (yes, I do that).
Apparently I have higher standards for my backpacks than I do my men.

If you hit the window frame with the posterior side of your fist it makes the rattling stop.

I'm slipping back into that lull again.

p.s. I went with the black one because it had a special pocket for my journal.

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