Saturday, December 17, 2011


I like the married life.
Last night we went out to this amazing little restaurant here and split 2lbs of steamed crab/shrimp/sausage/corn/potatoes. It was delicious. I had two cosmopolitan martini's. Then we bailed on his work christmas party and went to the Winter Wonderland at the Lowry Park Zoo to see the Reindeer we've been trying to see for three years now. They were cute and despite the fire department I work for wishing all of their employees merry christmas by not paying us the week before christmas and handing out paper checks friday night (so I can go all weekend without money), it was a fabulous night.

I have a 4.0 for this semester. I finished it with the highest grades in both of my classes.
I've celebrated with delicious homemade mini pizzas, wine, and cupcakes.

We're just going to avoid the word (looks over shoulder and whispers), "diet" until after the holidays.

Also, I've concocted recipes for two of the most delicious cupcakes in the entire world. Rum-eggnog with a white chocolate/butter cream icing and red velvet with a peppermint/white chocolate/butter cream icing.
They're also gluten free.

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