Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm confident the only luck I'll ever have is bad.

I managed to get off shift of a ridiculously busy twenty-four on time; beaming and ready to start a long fantasized about day off in a bikini on the sand. I had it all planned out, I was going to wear my cute blue sundress that made my long legs look even longer, with my flip flops and even put in my contacts. After all, I had been dieting hard and trading some of my minuscule amounts of sleep for a little extra time pounding the asphalt in preparation what I was convinced, was going to be perfect. Except there was torrential downpour that knocked out our power. Which of course made finding my blue dress a shot in the dark (no pun intended). We found it after ten minutes of fumbling and guess what it needed desperately? To be ironed [mumbles].
After doing my make up via window light and a few sprits of victoria secret perfume we headed out the door and suddenly with a flicker and return of the buzz of the refrigerator the lights came back on [mumbles].

On the way to the truck my flip-flop got stuck in mud and my hair went from tussled and cute to a frizzled hot mess in about two minutes.

Then there was the wounded, cold and wet, pitiful, scared shepherd puppy we found crossing traffic and his glass half full, "well this is going to end one of two ways, he's either going to get hit by a car, freeze to death, or be picked up by animal control and put down"... It's not even lunch time yet.

We stopped by Ikea and instead of being ecstatic I found myself frustrated that these were all things I should already have in my home, because I should have already had my new home months ago. I was hungry, my debt card was burning a hole in my purse, and my knee's were shooting pain that rocked my bone. Let's add orthopedic doctor to my list of specialty physicians I'll be seeing after august.

We did however have a delicious carb and sodium loaded lunch at the Spaghetti Warehouse, (an all-time favorite of mine nestled in an old brick building on the corner of Ybor) since as long as I can remember. Followed by tracking down and falling in love with The Cuppy, The Chocolate Elvis, Bunny hops, Better Thans, S'mores, and Butterscotch Babies by . My day was starting to follow my plan and finally, we were going to curb a long time craving since we stumbled across a little piece of heaven in Chattanooga, TN. These my friends are not your average suzie homemaker/ local grocery store cupcakes; no, they're heroin for your taste buds.

So good in fact, it made the realization of leaving my cell phone back in Ybor tolerable. After all, it was more drive time to say, "ohmygod!" after every bite of exceeding our expectation and skepticism.

(By the way, I cut my finger on the bread knife at lunch)I completed the first of about six final exams today and I'm not throwing up or hanging my head. Which, is surprising considering I study about as much as I sleep and if you could see the bags under my eyes, you'd understand.

I thought college libraries are supposed to be quiet.

You know why I hate community, oh I'm sorry, "state" colleges? highschoolers are allowed here.
and you know what I hate? Highschoolers.

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