Monday, December 20, 2010

I need snow and the silence of woods like it's apart of my chemical make up.
I want my cheeks to be red and my nose to feel numb. I want my lips to be chapped and I want to hear the crunch of snow under my boots.

I need there to be silence and the slow down the winter forest forces in you.

I'm excited for christmas because some how I think it's going to change my life around.
And I'm scared for two-thousand and eleven because my life is going to change drastically and I've already idolized how I need, well want rather it to be. I do that. I picture my life and things in it down to the smallest detail like the centerpiece on my future dining room table and then I obsess.

I'm trying to branch out.
So I bought sexy new boots that make me feel sexy and I want to strut around in them and just them.

Plus I hung out with a new friend who not only is not inlove with me, is a girl ,but is straight.
Huge step for me.

And I'm a love sick puppy.
Oh lord I'm pathetic

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  1. Aww....I feel so special!!! I wonder who the new friend is that you hung out with???? Hmm.....LOL! We are soul onions lol